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Sexual Allegations Against Comedian Bill Cosby Reveal Ulterior Motives

States Internationally Noted Private Investigator T.J. Ward
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"It's been very clear from the onset that most, if not all, of comedian Bill Cosby's accusers have significant ulterior motives which drive their public statements," states internationally noted Atlanta Private Investigator T.J. Ward.
ATLANTA /PRNewswire/ -- "It's all about fame and money," states internationally noted Atlanta Private Investigator T.J. Ward. "It's been very clear from the onset that most, if not all, of comedian Bill Cosby's accusers have significant ulterior motives which drive their public statements." Having been down this road once before, Ward should know. A licensed and internationally renown expert in layered voice analysis, he had faced attorney Gloria Allred head-on to dismiss similar allegations against the one-time US Presidential hopeful Herman Cain. Ward was also instrumental in uncovering the deceptions in statements made by Dutch socialite Joran Van Der Sloot in the death of teenager Natalee Holloway.
T.J. Ward

As CEO of Investigative Consultants International, the only US agency outside of law enforcement themselves, Ward and his associates are often asked by the media to comment on the veracity of statements made in popular media.  Unlike the interpretation of body language signals, or highly subjective polygraph analysis, Ward uses an advanced technology to detect "brain activity traces" using the voice as a medium. Initially developed for Israeli defense, it is now utilized by law enforcement agencies across the globe, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Janice Dickinson, a prominent accuser, described to CNN's Nancy Grace that Cosby allegedly drugged, raped, and sodomized her in a Lake Tahoe hotel room some thirty-two years ago. ICI forensic analyst Frank Karic notes, "Nearly the entire story told by Ms. Dickinson is an elaborate lie. High levels of voice control throughout the interview indicate a great deal of effort behind the delivery through her portrayal of false emotions and overly dramatic tone. Dickenson was not raped nor assaulted by Cosby and never told her family or other individuals that she had

been until recently."

A CNN-publicized allegation from Linda Traitz claimed that at nineteen, she accepted a ride home from Cosby while working at a Los Angeles restaurant. Instead, Cosby drove her to a beach and opened a briefcase filled with assorted drugs. Traitz stated she refused the drugs, wherein Cosby became sexually aggressive and attempted to force himself on her.  According to Ward, "The analysis indicates that the subject's story is entirely fabricated. While the subject may have met and spoken with Cosby in public, she did not accept a ride home from him and her allegations are entirely and unequivocally false."

Most recently, Los Angeles prosecutors declined to file charges against Cosby after another woman publicly claimed the comedian raped her in a bedroom of Hollywood's Playboy Mansion when she was fifteen. Days before self-proclaimed victim Judy Huth contacted police, she filed a lawsuit against Cosby detailing sex acts between the two circa 1974.  It was the same story she attempted to sell the tabloids a decade earlier, according to Martin Singer, counsel for Cosby. Police detectives noted the reason for declining charges was that the statute of limitations had long since run.

"We've run forensic analysis on nearly all of the accusers statements," Ward concludes, "and there is little merit to many of these outlandish accusations leveraged against Bill Cosby."  A former law enforcement officer, Ward has been in investigative intelligence for more than thirty-five years. He's been featured in many national and international news mediums, including FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and HLN. He is presently in pre-production of an investigative reality series of his own, the Justice Ward.