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    The Justice Ward Team


    Joey "Bulldog" Hughes, Doddy Ward, T.J. Ward, Trace Sargent, Frank Karic, Kathy Wasinscott (rear left to right); Chance (front)
  • T.J. Ward

    Private Investigator
    T.J. Ward, clpi

    A former law enforcement officer, Thomas "TJ" Ward brings over 35 years of investigative intelligence into breaking each case he’s assigned.  He’s been featured in many national and international news mediums in recognition of his involvement with the Natalee Holloway case, including notables like FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Nancy Grace, and Vanity Fair Magazine. T.J. is the Founder and Director of Investigative Consultants International, and the US Distributor for Israeli Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) truth technology for law enforcement agencies.

    Trace Sargent

    Tracker and Trainer
    Trace Sargent

    Tracy "Trace" Sargent has been requested to assist in over 900 searches throughout the United States and international missions, searching for and locating numerous lost and missing persons including fugitives, runaways, Alzheimer’s, suicide, homicide, disaster victims, airplane crashes and high threat level missions, local to international. She has been actively involved with cases including: Eric Rudolph, Hurricane Katrina, Natalee Holloway, Tara Grinstead, Theresa Parker, and Lauren Giddings.

    Joey Hughes

    Forensic Detective
    Joey "Bulldog" Hughes

    Joey "Bulldog" Hughes worked with the Huntsville Police Department for 14 years before serving on the Secret Service Northern Alabama Computer Crimes Task Force Unit. He is a Computer and Mobile Phone Forensic expert, and has earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Masters Degree in Management of Information Systems. Joseph has worked many cases involving internet crimes against children for the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, and is a specialist in counter surveillance and covert camera operations. He is ranked nationally in the Martial Arts forms of Muay Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    Frank Karic

    Police Detective
    Frank Karic

    Frank Karic is a law enforcement professional with over 17 years experience.  As a Detective for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, he conducted the investigation of over two thousand criminal cases and has received several commendations and awards including being named as the Detective of the Year for 2013. While his investigative experience includes crimes of many types, Frank’s primary focus has been on high level fraud and financial crimes often involving complex multi-jurisdictional criminal organizations, seizure of large assets and accounts, and theft amounting to millions of dollars.

    Kathy Wainscott

    Private Investigator
    Kathy Wainscott

    Katherine "Kathy" Wainscott does not fit the usual cliché of what a Private Investigator is perceived to look like, and often assign to trail suspects inconspicuously in restaurants and stores. As an Investigator with TJ for more than a decade, she has handled a variety of case work ranging from missing persons, workers compensation, child custody to the usual cheating spouses. She is also trained Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) truth technology.

    Doddy Wrd

    Case Manager
    Doddy Ward

    A well-traveled entrepreneur who truly understands "world affairs” both from the business and political perspective, Doddy is both Case Manager of Investigative Consultants International, and TJ’s beloved wife. She has lived in Hong Kong, Japan, The Bahamas, Brazil and Canada, and is fluent in as many languages and dialects as well. Secretary for Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce and former President of Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta, Doddy is recognized by Georgia Asian Times as one of 25 Most Influential Asian
    Americans in Georgia.

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